Pipe Welding Clamp

Pipe Welding Clamp

– Opening and closing of the body screw can be done quickly by fast forwarding mechanism.

– Since the contacting portion of the clamp is made of stainless steel, it can be used both for steel and stainless steel pipe.

– No tack welding and grinding necessary

– Prevent inclued defect from damage of base material.

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gá ống hàn

P/N No

Pipe (mm) Khối lượng riêng (Kg)
Size Diameter D
WOC6 1 ~ 6B 34 ~ 170 5.2
WOC12 4 ~ 12B 110 ~ 320


Welding Clamp

– By changing adapter parts, all clamping operation can be done.

– Fash forwarding handle is included

–  By using wrench on to the head of threads at the end of tightening, further sure-tightening can be made.

kìm cố định đa năng..kim co dinh da năng

P/N No Kích thước sử dụng Khối lượng


Hàm chữ V kẹp ống Hàm tròn kẹp
WMC2  13.8 ~  60.5     0 ~ 61 630 
WMC4    42.7 ~  114.3    0 ~ 115  2,150