Micno Air Ginder

Micno AiR Ginder (Straight type)

  • Features
  • Pencil Type of the smallest shape and super-Iightness befitting your finger work.
  • Stability and durability attained by the use of precision-designed Vane Motor.
  • Precision machining attained by high-speed rotation and high output.
  • Excellent qualitative performance oi long-time durability with no off-the-center vibratior
  • Types for chips being prevented from scattered and noise being reduced due

backward exhaust system (exhaust hose).

  • Easy to securer mount and dismount tipped tools.
  • Ready to be used at any moment with al standard accessories (packed in a case).


  • Precision grinding of various types of metal molds.
  • Cutting tins, facing, polishing. curving, internal machining

for various metals.

  • Cutting, grinding and polishing for plastics. stones. wood.
  • Finishing of the welded surface.
  • Many other purposes such as the facing of round shapes,

inside surfaces and gear wheels.