Drum lift clamp

Drum lift clamp ( DLC 0.5V )

Clamp dedicated for vertical lifting of the drum can 

Firm locking by easy operation (by wedging method).


– The unit enables safe vertical lifting of the drum can.

– Locking can be easily made by pushing and drawing the grip.

– Firm locking is realized by wedging method.

– The lifting ring is so large in diameter as to be directly hooked.

– The major components are made of high-tensile steel plate, so they are extremely rigid and durable.

– The main body is of baking finish, and so it is extremely free of rust.

kẹp thùng phuykẹp thùng phuykep thung phuy dungkep thung phuy


Item No. Rated capacity (ton) Clamping range (m m) Weight (kg) Remarks
DLC 0.5V 0.5 2~3.5 9